Monday, November 17, 2008

Max's Birthday

So we survived Max's 5th birthday. He turned 5 on november 13th but we had his party on friday the 14th. It was pure maheim! We had 20 kids for 2hours. It honestly was alll worth it. Max had the time of his life. We ate dinosaur chicken nuggest and dino blood punch..yup i am sadistic and crazy! Then they played dino egg hunt which lasted a whole 2 minutes. oopps didn't plan that one to well.Then it was pesent time which was crazy and Max got spoiled. Birthday cake was last, and of course devoured in no time. It was alllll worth it. thank goodness for the "happy pill"


Brandon and Amy said...

I have to say you can't even tell there were a million crazy kids at max's birthday party with these cute photos. Love em'

Melody said...

It was the "rockinest" kids party I've ever been too. Eirik and I had to hide in the basement at the end because all the kids were starting to scare us, but it was a blast. Especially when Bella gave Joren a piece of birthday cake and he ate in in one fist full on the ground! Oh yeah!