Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Christmas Crazy's
I can't believe that next week is finally Christmas. we are all bummed out that we won't be making it home this year. especially Brandon"Mr Christmas". However this Christmas he has been a bit of a scrooge. He write his yearly exams in January, so he has spent all of his spare time studying. i was proud of him at first but now it is just getting old.
I am sorry i didn't get any Christmas cards out this year, Christmas really did creep up on me. I promise i will start next years card in January in hope of getting them done in time.
as for the kids, they are so excited about Christmas. Bella had her first dance recital, and lets just say she wasn't as excited as i thought she would be. She pretty much stood in the middle of the floor with her arms crossed and a look that could kill.
max however was the exact opposite. It was the Max Bunnage show during his Christmas concert. Not only did he know all the words to all the songs but he sang louder then all the other 100 kids singing with him. he was so great. we we laughed the whole time.
anyways that is my brief holiday update. I hope everyone has a great Christmas. we miss you all sooooo much!!!
i am trying to download some videos so cross your finders that my amateur blogging skills can figure it out!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Max's Birthday

So we survived Max's 5th birthday. He turned 5 on november 13th but we had his party on friday the 14th. It was pure maheim! We had 20 kids for 2hours. It honestly was alll worth it. Max had the time of his life. We ate dinosaur chicken nuggest and dino blood punch..yup i am sadistic and crazy! Then they played dino egg hunt which lasted a whole 2 minutes. oopps didn't plan that one to well.Then it was pesent time which was crazy and Max got spoiled. Birthday cake was last, and of course devoured in no time. It was alllll worth it. thank goodness for the "happy pill"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My First Post

Okay soooo here we go. My first post in the Blogging world. I thought this is a great way to stay connected to all are family and friends back home. So for a quick update we are all, (all meaning Brandon, Max, Bella and myself) still living in Southgate michigan, which is just outside detroit. No we don't live in the hood....but it is no cozy Coaldale or Cardston. Bran is in his 4th year in his general surgery residency at Henry Ford Hospital. he is still loving what he does which makes the crazy hours all worth it...for him at least. jokes it is actually not that bad.
as for the kids, max started all day everyday Kindergarten. I honestly am sooo proud of him. I don't know how i ever did 13 years of school. As for Bella she is loving being the only child during the day. She has started dance class and loves it. I can only hope she didn't inherit her mothers rhythm!
As for myself welllll a hole lot of nothin new. I went with Brandon two weeks ago to watch Theo take the Canadian idol title which was so much fun. It was great to be part of that. i am pretty sure that will be the last time i walk down a red carpet.
So that is quick little updtae on our cute and almost perfect life....yaaa right!